Short film

September 2023

short film production

title and credits animation

colorimetry work

set creation

"Utopie" is a short film made with my colleagues Rebecca Schüll and Evolène Lavanchy. For this project, we had to choose an unconventional screen format (in this case, 21:9) and and use it in a way that served the story.

The 21:9 format was chosen to evoke a virtual reality headset, while the romantic music at the beginning accentuates the passionate and ideal side experienced by the couple; at the end, only external noises remain to show the harshness of reality. We sought to fully represent the woman's emotions through the colors and ambience of the room. During the idyllic moments, the colors are autumnal with warm tones, and there is a very diffused light. During the reality phase, we wanted to use greenish tones and raw neon lighting.